Never Let A Missed

Call Pass By


Every time an inbound call to your business goes unanswered, we'll send a text message back to the caller within seconds...

Introducing The Missed-Call Text-Back!

Meet the Owner

Click or scan the QR code to download the digital business card and direct contact information for Nehemiah Marcus, CEO of PureWater Marketing!

What We Deliver

Less phone tag & simple message management.

Fostering more client relationships.

Your AI chat assistant is always accessible

and consistently on-brand.

All Conversations In One Place

Leave all those missed opportunities in the past! Our LeadConnector app works to deliver what would be missed opportunities, streamline your client acquisition and improve staff interactions with unified management.

Our Services

Enhance your digital presence with our comprehensive suite of services

Email & SMS Marketing

We empower your business to reactivate your audience with crafted email & SMS outreach campaigns, complete with automated replies, AI intent detection & scheduling. Our detailed tracking allows us to pinpoint the most engaged people for highly optimized results.

Website to SMS Chat Widget

With our text chat widget and the LeadConnector App, you can address inquiries on the go! Boost sales, while embracing an automation-first customer experience, even when your team is occupied serving clients in real life.

Paid Advertising

This is your key to attracting new clients from your local area. With our Local Lead Generation campaigns on Facebook & Instagram, we not only generate new interest but we also engage potential clients and focus on securing the appointments for you.


With a simple click, you can gain the power to list your business across more than 70 prominent online portals, instantly! This is the easiest and most affordable way to supercharge your SEO and boost your rankings by providing the consistency that search engines like Google are looking for.

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Social Media Headquarters

Picture our service as your headquarters for all incoming messages including your social channels. Our automated follow-ups ensure that every interaction and opportunity is maximized. As your business continues to engage and make its presence felt on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business we've got you covered.

Our system promptly notifies you whenever a new message arrives and seamlessly orchestrates customized workflows that respond on your behalf.

SMS Campaigns

We specialize in SMS message campaigns that rekindle connections with your past customers, enticing them with irresistible promotions and exclusive offers. But our service doesn't stop there – we go the extra mile by assisting you in garnering invaluable reviews from your most loyal clientele.

These reviews can be seamlessly channeled to boost your online reputation and visibility, appearing on your Facebook and Google profiles.

A pure solution that helps you succeed

At our core, our mission is to drive consistent, month-to-month growth in your sales and business performance.

Our ultimate goal is to empower your business with the tools and strategies needed to ensure a steady, upward trajectory in sales, ultimately achieving sustained success in your industry.





Per Month

Website Text Chat Widget

Consolidated FB, IG & GMB Messages

Text & Email Reactivation Campaigns

50 Local Leads from Facebook Ads

Automated Replies & AI Workflows



Per Month

Website Text Chat Widget

Consolidated FB, IG & GMB Messages

Text & Email Reactivation Campaigns

50 Local Leads from Facebook Ads

Automated Replies & AI Workflows



Per Month

Website Text Chat Widget

Consolidated FB, IG & GMB Messages

Text & Email Reactivation Campaigns

50 Local Leads from Facebook Ads

Automated Replies & AI Workflows

Frequently Asked Question

How am I billed for your digital marketing services and is there a contract?

Some services are three, six-month or twelve-month contracts that are offered at discounted rates for extended service periods. Some services are month-to-month providing access to data on a mobile and desktop platform account. However with Facebook Ads, there is strategic preparation and research to get a campaign running and positioned to be successful. The further a campaign gets from commencement the more successful the campaign will be. Why? Because we get the opportunity to optimize the campaign based on real market data AND Facebook optimizes using machine learning and AI to drive better conversion performance.

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How do I get my business started with PureWater?

In order to get started you have a few different options:

1. Click the Get An Appointment button above to schedule a 15 minute strategy session.

2. Email us at

3. Call us at (424) 277-8290

Contacting PureWater Marketing will be worth it. At minimum, you will get to speak with an expert marketer and gain insight into your company’s current market standing, your options that provide immediate results and how to benefit from Facebook Ads.

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How does the website chat widget work?

Your chat widget can be easily edited from the back-office of your desktop account. The widget can be installed easiest on a Wordpress website with the simple downloading of a plug-in and pasting of an API key located in your account. Otherwise, you just need to install a snippet of code to the footer of your entire website or certain pages you want the widget to appear on. You may need to refer to your developer for the latter but we're to help as much as we can!

All messages get routed to your mobile app for instant response. You or a member of your team can be notified via email or SMS when a new message has arrived.

For all other inquiries simply use the chat widget or send us an email to

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Meet Our Support Partners

Josh Douglas

Tony Allen

Chris Bright

Henry Rowan

"PureWater Changes Absolutely Everything!"


What they’re talking about

our company


Ryan P.

Founder & CEO

"LeadConnector helped us grow from about $150,000 a month, to nearly $600,000 in revenue per month."


Lisa F.

Brand Manager

"Within 12 months of our launching LeadConnector software, our second location made 250% more than the first location that launched without LeadConnector over a comparable time period."


Martin L.

Senior Director

"The team at PureWater have been dedicated to our success from the beginning. Their Business Plan is vital, and combined with the LeadConnector app, we have everything we need."

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Office: 222 Pacific Coast Hwy, El Segundo, CA 90245

(424) 277-8290



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